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    Anyone go from a flip / clamshell type phone to a treo 650 and miss their flip phone? Did you eventually get used to the treo stlye? Or are you just putting up with it because the PDA functionality combined into a cell phone has got you hooked?

    Oh... I'm using VZW.. for some reason I posted this here instead of in the Treo 650 category
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    I just went from a 7135 to the 650.

    So far it has been very smooth. I do miss the lcd display on the top of the phone, but that is about it. It feels a bit wierd when I am talking, but I will get use to it....when my bluetooth headset gets here

    I find the 650 to be a much better PDA than the 7135. I think the flip phone is a bit more easy to use as a phone but not by much.
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    I had the 7135 as well...I really miss that lcd on top!!!It was also more comfortable to talk on...
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    I switched from a Samsung A530 to the Treo 650 on VZW. This is my first candy-bar style phone. I thought I was going to have a long adjustment period but it never happened.
    It took about a day to get used to it.
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    Previous 2 phones were LG clam shell design. First one hinge broke after one year of usage, # 2 sound (ear piece) went out. I know this is the most common form factor for phones now, but the designs major strength is also the major weakness (hinge). With the candy bar design one less part to break.
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    a little off topic- but what i really miss is a slider... previous to my first treo i had a Nokia 7100 and it was a matrix style slider phone... was great. since having the treo, i have tried out a samsung i500 and a sanyo 8100 and the flip design is fun, and it's convenient in the screen is protected and its smaller but thicker than a regular phone... sanyo has some hardcore hinges... my sales rep showed me one and stepped on it and nothing happened...
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