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    Please post here when those of you who placed your Treo 650 order through P1, receive your order. Please state when you had originally placed your original order. Thanks!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    FWIW, I ordered the phone last Monday (5/16) and just called PalmOne to find out the status. All the rep would tell me is that she was told to tell everyone it would ship in 2-3 weeks from the time you ordered it. She then checked my order and said it did not give her any more specific information. I don't know if that is an accurate timeline or they are just giving themselves a lot of breathing room so people don't keep bugging them.
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    This seems to be a good time to resurrect this thread, seeing as P1 has started shipping the T650 as of today, 05/24/2005. Post ASAP!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    I just received mine, & am charging it up as this is being typed!!! It's awesome...
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!

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