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    new update... palmone supervisor said they are starting to ship monday!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pft
    Given all the issues myself and others are having with this hardware version/ build of the T650 I am more than likely now going to cancel the replacement, return my defective one for a refund and possibly wait a few months until they rev the hardware. Its a critical communication device that I rely on very often throughout the day for business (my T600) .

    If its so unstable and can't be relied on will be useless to me. My T600 is flawless and less than a year old. I did want bluetooth and the better screen resolution (which is why I was upgrading) but all the problems being reported by friends and in the discussion newsgroups - in addition to mine - are very troublesome. I also have 3 colleagues at work that are waiting for replacements due to keyboard issues and bluetooth instability.

    In addition the HP HW6500 series should be out in the fall and can be considered as an option should P1 not get their quality issues in order.

    I think I just made my decision - my T600 may just get a reprieve. The grass is not always greener.
    What are some of the common problems people have been having?

    You got me starting to wonder if I'm jumpin in too soon and if it would be better to wait for the kinks to get worked out.

    When I got my T600, it was fairly close to when Verizon started shipping them. Within a month, the outer button of the 5-way navigator deal was almost completely worn out/faded where my thumb made contact with it. I thought it was fairly cheap and bad design but didn't do anything about it. Months later, when my phone had to be replaced, I got a new one with apparently a different type of button because after months of use, the button still shows now sign of fading.

    So what's the deal? Am I too early? Not trying to hijack the thread either. Email reply would be fine.
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    There are way too may to mention all of them but here are the problems my freinds and collegues are experiencing:

    Keyboard issues... some stop working completely - others have one or two keys that are a problem. Bluetooth sync not stable. Hotsync is not stable. Numerous unexplained resets - many often occur by themselves without the user knowing and thus leaving the wireless mode/ phone off (and the user unaware they are missing calls). SD card issues - does not sit in slot well causing resets. Volume & sound quality problems. Call quality issues - sometimes the other end cannot hear you but you can hear them (like you are muted).

    And then there are 2 collegues that have absolutely no problems. So 10 out of 12 people I know with a T650 have one or more of the issues noted above (which are pretty serious for a device of this type and price).

    In addition, if you look through the discussions on this site you will see the same problems across a broader group.

    To me, this is indicative of some fairly serious quality issues.
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