I just recieved my Treo 650 on Monday from Verizon and these are my first observations. First, the phone itself looks really nice with a nice silver and grey look. The bottons are better than the 600 and only has one power button. The screen resolution is Soooo much better. It has a better interface when using the phone. You can see upcoming appointments in the phone mode. There are some improvements with favorites. Blazer is much faster and is a little different. I upggraded from the 600 and used the backup conduit to get all my old programs to the 650. (I use a Apple Powerbook). Everything transfered fine. I really enjoy the version of Docs to Go, but it has no spell checker. You have to uprade for that. I did have some problems syncing the Word to Go docs with my mac, but when I made the files Microsoft docs instead of the default Word to Go, it worked fine. BlueTooth is great and worked well with sync. You will notice the everything works faster. I didn't versa mail and use Snapper instead which works very well. Real player is pre-installed, but I haven't tried it yet. The only real downfalls to this phone are the camera, that is better than the 600 but still not great, and the poor built in memory.