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    Did anyone lese just get pushed a Bizcon upgrade from sprint in the last day or so? I didn't get the usual SMS ahead of time telling me about the upgrade. Does anyone know what, if any, functionality was changed or what the purpose of the upgrade was?
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    Yes, and I installed it. The immediately obvious change is that, unfortunately, my e-mail no longer is getting pushed to my Treo.
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    Same here, once I installed the update I no longer get e-mail pushed.
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    Same here, no push. It was getting sporadic before, but at least it would push most of the time. Now, I have had to change my setting to 15 minutes.
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    Maybe I am overlooking some settings, but it looks to me like the latest "upgrade" removed functionality instead of adding it. I am having the same problem with pushing email. I have also noticed 4 other things:

    1. BizCon on my Treo no longer has the calendar function.

    2. BizCon is syncing with the email on my server instead of with the email in my Inbox in MS Outlook (the same way PalmOne's Mail program works). This is a problem for me, because I have Outlook filter spam and then send it to a different folder than my Inbox. When BizCon syncs to the server, it delivers spam to my Treo that would have been filtered out if it was syncing to my Outlook Inbox.

    3. When I access BizCon online (at, there no longer seems to be a feature that allows you to access email in other folders in Outlook, so that if I save an email in Outlook to a different folder and it is no longer on the server, I can't access it.

    4. Also, when I do a wireless sync of BizCon, a window repeatedly pops up on my computer asking me to "Enter Network Password," which I obviously can't do when I'm away from my computer.

    Is anyone else having the same problems and do you know any way I can fix these problems? Any suggestions would be appreciated, because I have never had any luck talking to Sprint customer service about BizCon.
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    Can someone please explain how you change the setting to check every 15 minutes? Thanks
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    under Setting, choose Preferences. Go up to the pull-down options in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Schedule. Check Enable scheduled sync (use custom sync settings: weekdays: 15 minutes.
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    Same with mine, once I installed the update I no longer get e-mail pushed.

    Any ideas?
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    My mail is being pushed, it just seems to take longer and is somewhat random.
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    Is this after you upgraded?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    Is this after you upgraded?
    Yes, I upgraded on Saturday, and it's been pushing at times today.
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    I upgraded yesterday and my BizCon is pushing about 75% of the time like it should.
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    I'd say mine's pushing about 50-75% of the time as well.
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    I have gone to the Business Connection web site and deleted and other devices and reset all settings on the device itself and still no push since upgrade.
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    Same here: I *am* getting pushed mail, but it's somewhat random as to when it happens. It's not as consistent as before.
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    Mine is back to working fully. I never lost calendar funtionality. the push didn't work for a while but is now.
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    Mine started working sometime in the middle of the night. Earlier this morning it seemed sporadic. But, right now it seems to be fine.
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    Mine is also now fine.
    I've heard that polar bear steaks are tough, but maybe if you marinated them in beer they'd turn out all right.
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    I have had similar experiences to those above.

    However, on the positive side, it seems to me that synching seems to go faster since the upgrade. Not a big deal but my impression is that once connected to the server, DL seems to take only about 5-10 seconds for me rather than a previous ~ 20 seconds.
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    I can't tell if it's faster or not, but my syncing used to take about 90-120 seconds before. I'll check and see if it's faster now. (I sync to Lotus Notes, which seems glacially slow even in it's Win32 implementation!)
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