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    I agree - Bizcon synch is a bit faster.
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    Actually it updated my server side component today also. Hopefully things will start to seem a bit faster now.
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    I synch with Notes well and it now so if it takes you90 sconds plus your issue may be elsewhere, and, believe it or not, my company is still on NT. I'm not sure if it is my stone age company or Notes, but I can not get Calendar to Sync. If I check that box off the email does not work.

    Good and bad, company is issuing me a Blackberry soon so I will drop BizConn. Good news is that I won't have to personally pay for portable access versus my laptop. Bad news is I will have to carry both my Treo and a Blackberry since there is no Treo Blackberry solution.
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    I don't know if it has anything to do with Biz Con but i just visited the Sprint Mobile website and was greeted with a new Vision text alerts screen(free). Sign up to receive weekly or monthly updates to vision updates/music/sprint tv/text/email/im/picture mail/games/news/sports & more. Just go to the sprint pcs vision website to sign up. Of course it will ask for your mobile number.
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