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    has anyone registered their Sprint Verizonized phone as a Treo 650? When we all started on this venture, the suggestion was to register the phone as an Audiovox. If I register my phone as a T650, will I have to change my plan? (I currently have the internet access plan - which I prefer - and not the data plan).

    Also, I'm not sure if this can be answered, any differences between these two phones - Verizon Treo vs Verizonized Sprint Treo?

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    I would guess that the Verizon Treo would have some sort of BREW support (but I could be wrong), and obviously the correct PRLs would come preloaded on the phone. Also, it may come with Verizon's Wireless Sync or some other Verizon-specific software. Hardware should be identical.
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    Anyone have any idea if we will ever get a Verizon Rom to load on to our Sprint phones?
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    Once PalmOne releases a ROM updater for the Verizon Treo you will most likely be able to use it to flash a Sprint phone with a Verizon ROM image. Thats how it worked with the Treo 600 at least.
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    Yes, I would like to see if the VZ ROM would work on my Verizonized phone. And as long as I can still use Shadowmite's custom #3 ROM.

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