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    I was wondering if any of the early orders can tell me how their reception has been?? I live in Bridgewater NJ and commute to Short Hills and I've heard rumors the reception on the Treo is so-so but I think that was some cingular people. I am leaving cingular because the recption on 287 stinks.
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    Living in Hillside, I can assure you that coverage in Northern NJ is extremely reliable. I would see no reason why the use of the 650 would degrade the quality... but I could be wrong.
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    i live in newark..very reliable here too
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    I commute from roseland to piscataway straight down 287 and have great reception the whole way with my VZW T650 (much better then my sprint samsung that I had previously)
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    Great, that's my commute reversed. I was looking at some reviews on Cnet and everyone was bashing the reception but they were cingular customers-and I know how bad their service is so I was hoping it was the phone. The guy at the store told me the 650 will have dual reception??? Similar to analog and digital. Is this true??
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    nothing could be as bad as the horrible reception i get with my aweful v710 which i will be trading in for the 650 come the 23rd (which the verizon in union on route 22 will def. have on the 23rd, as opposed to most in the area, which will not confirm)
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    Don't know about the commute to Short Hills (didn't look at my phone on my last drive through that area), but my T600 reception with Verizon throughout the Bridgewater area is flawless, as is my reception all the way down to New Brunswick. (I live in Martinsville and commute to graduate school in NB.)

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