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    I ordered my treo 650 yesterday. Just got a call that all 650's are being held because of a "software" issue. Ones that are already sent out will be recalled. They have had a year to work this out, and more delays again. I wonder how Sprint and Cingular do it so well for phone releases...
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    They can pry it from my cold, dead,

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    I have received a second and then a third call....they claim they have suspended shipping and are recalling the ones already sent. so they say....
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    they haven't asked for mine back
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    anyone else confirm this ? I was about to order it through the extranet site (still shows it there)...

    more specifics about which "software" would help the validity...
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    interesting, they did pull it from my companies b2b site. was there day before yesterday when I ordered it. Havent got it though.

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    Have not heard a thing about wanting mine back.
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    Now this is interesting.

    Information or misinformation?

    Helpful or malicious?
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    Have had mine for a day, no problems. If there was a recall, I'm sure my rep would have called.
    Besides, wouldn't VZW post that info on their website?
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    I can assure you I am not making this up. I have a treo 600 and have been waiting impatiently for the 650. I was ticked at my rep for not ordering it on Wednesday. And now these phone calls from VZ saying it would not be shipped until further notice to fix the software. They said the 650 would not recognize all the data plans, whatever that means. All I know is they had a year to play with it and still are working on it. More delays in equipment release as usual from VZ. Nothing malicios here....just reporting what I was told.
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    Ordered mine yesterday through 800 # - (not a business customer) with a request for overnight shipping. Received this morning and activated this afternoon with no problems.
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    Same here. I ordered yesterday, received it this afternoon, activated it tonight with no difficulty. I've received no calls and the rep I spoke to this evening to discuss data plans for the 650 made no mention of a recall. Will keep you posted if that changes.
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    Its back up on the business site. weird. It wasnt on there this morning.
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    This is just a guess, but they probabally had a whole bunch of issues setting a bunch of them up an someone panicked and decided they should put the sales on hold until the issue was resolved. Perhaps investigation into this determined the issue wasn't as serious as they initially thought and decided to resume roll-out.
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