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    I currently have the 600 and want to know if all the "little" extras justify the cost of the new model.

    With no EVDO and less memory than my 600 why bother? Someone help me out, I am looking to be talked into the $300.00 plus purchase, or should I just wait for the I730?

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    yes it is.
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    Yes it is worth it, why bluetooth and screen? I need one good reason, I am very easily persuaded but it may take a bit more than a "yes" for me to pluck down 300 clams.
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    here's my review.

    i guess posting it one more time can't hurt.

    Verizon Treo 650 -- My thoughts.

    by hotch

    Background: I have been a Treo 600 user since they were first available on VZW, and I received my Treo 650 5/12/05 (one day after b2b release). I have never had a smartphone other than these two. I am an Apple Computer Sales rep and Technician, so I'm pretty tech-saavy, so I can't really address most ease-of-use issues. My usage is about 1000 minutes per month of voice, and ~200 megs of data.

    Unpacking the 650 this morning, I noticed a couple major differences off the bat
    •The color of the 650 is much nicer than that of the 600-- more of a gunmetal color (i think bright silver phones look really cheap). Sidenote: why isn't this phone
    •The keys are larger and softer, and so they don't seem to lend themselves as readily to sore thumbs. It is just all around a better looking phone than the 600.
    •The stub on top is smaller, which I think may be detrimental, but i'll go into that. The stylus is now all metal with a plastic tip-- this is good, as I had the top of the 600 stylus break off on a few occasions.
    •Microphone has been moved from the back of the phone to the bottom-- this should be good in cutting down ambient noise.
    •The status light was moved from the top corner of the phone to the front face (near the earpiece). This is a bit of a disappointment, because its location on the corner allowed me to see it when the phone was face down.
    •The bottom of the phone has been redesigned-- the new connector will probably prove better, but it seems to have a propensity to pop out. I have a 3rd party USB cable from treocentral coming, so we'll see how that does. I will report back.

    •The screen is gorgeous. 160x160 to 320x320 means that where there used to be 1 pixel, there are now 4, so everything is much more defined. It's awesome. It also seems brighter.
    •The new keyboard is awesome, very bright (a welcome change), and very nice on the fingers. I've been having a little trouble getting used to the new function key locations, but it's coming.
    •Bluetooth seems to be working well for OBEX, and with a BT headset (plantronics M3500). I'm working on DUN, but the shadowmite hack doesn't seem to be working.
    •Clicker by Jonas Salling is FREAKING AWESOME SOFTWARE
    •The internet feels faster
    •The camera is amazingly better

    The number of bars displayed is consistantly lower on the 650 than my 600, but voice service seems to be working well, so i'm not complaining until I can't make calls.

    I'm really tired now, but I will give more thoughts once I've used it for a few days!

    Great phone, worth every penny! (all 45,000 of them!)
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    just do it...i feel like i did the day i went from the 7135 to the treo 600....besides u have 15 days
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    No EVDO.

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