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    I saw something on another thread that seems to imply that the verizon 650 doesn't have versamail rather it is scrapped in favor of their own sync app. True or false?

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    Actually, the manual says it is "optional" and is included on the software CD that's in the box. I haven't looked for it, and I don't know if optional means $$$.
    The default mail client is Intellisync (rebranded as "Wireless Sync" by VZW), which is geared for talking with enterprise servers like Exchange and Lotus. The emphasis, therefore, is on Treo as a Blackberry competitor. Based on my few hours experience with it, it does a very good job syncing all Outlook applications OTA using a desktop redirector. Wireless Sync provides access to your POP3 email through the desktop redirector only...this is a very bad idea if all you want is access to your personal mail, as it makes everything dependent on your desktop being up and running.
    My recommendation for POP3/IMAP: ignore Versamail and download Chatter instead.
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    it is here on the CD.


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