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    Just curious if the palmone WiFi card and hacked driver will work with the Verizon 650 and if anyone has tried it yet.
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    I'm also interested if the wi-fi hack works. I'm not planning on getting a data plan with my 650, so the implications (no access via 1X) are acceptable. I wonder what wi-fi hack does to battery life...
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    I bought the PalmOne wifi card, loaded the driver (shadowmite), and proceeded to blow up my treo. Hard reset, tried another driver, and it installed correctly. I got it to "kind of work". I would see my wifi router, but wouldn't connect. It reboots the treo every 5 minutes or so. The bottom line is that the driver is just not there yet. I have the unlimited data plan, but was trying to get better access at work and home. Hope this info helps, I would wait for a perfected driver.

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