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    I've taken alot of great information from the posts here at TreoCentral, and they've helped me to get what I consider to be a great deal with Sprint. So here's my attempt at giving something back...hopefully someone can use this information to help reduce their cost as well.

    Here's my new plan:
    Voice Plan, $40
    2 lines
    750 shared anytime minutes
    PCS to PCS calling
    N/W 8PM

    Vision Picture Pack, $10
    Unlimited Data with Picture pack

    Employer discount, 23% off
    Total Plan cost = about $39

    My previous phone (cheapo Samsung, 1st cell phone) had 500 minutes, 1 line, PCS to PCS, and no data, for $45, and this is what I started off with on the Treo 650. I bought the Treo 650 because I'm a bit of a gadget geek and I had to have it, even though at the time there was no cameraless version and I knew I wouldn't be able to bring it to my workplace (no cameras allowed).

    Friends and family use Sprint , so I never really considered using another carrier. However, not having a phone for the ride to/from work was kind of unfortunate, and I was more than a little jealous reading the threads of the GSM'ers who could have just swapped a SIM card to a non-camera phone if they were in my situation. For GSM'ers, this is free provided they have an extra non-camera GSM phone available, but the only option on Sprint appeared to be a $20/month add-a-phone option. Unfortunately, having an extra Sprint phone around doesn't do you any good unless you get an add-a-phone plan.

    After reading about the success some people had calling Sprint's retention department, I decided to give it a shot. After all, even though I had just signed a new 2yr contract with Sprint to save the $150 on the phone, I could save $240/yr (add-a-phone=20/month) if I bailed, switched to Cingular, and picked up a cheap non-camera GSM phone for a second phone just for my commute to work. Maybe they'd be willing to deal, I thought. On my first call, I explained the situation to the rep and he was unwilling to do anything for me (including transfer me to anyone else), and frankly, I think I lost him with the whole GSM SIM cards vs. Sprint add-a-phone business.

    I decided to give it another shot a couple days later, but this time my first words to the rep were something along the lines of, "Hi, I'm at the end of the rope with my Sprint service. Could you transfer me to your cancellation, or retention department so I can discuss my problems with them before I cancel my service?" And she immediately transferred my call.

    Once on line with the women in the retention department I explained my situation. First off, I mentioned I'd been with Sprint for 3 years, and that the service in my new home was not very good compared to my previous home, and I occasionally dropped calls. Although this is true, I threw this in there based on something I had read that you should list as many problems with your Sprint service as you can in order to help in succeeding to get a good plan. Then I mentioned that I received the Treo 650 as a Christmas gift, and although I really loved the phone it had a camera and I was unable to bring the phone to work, and I was a worried about not being able to make an emergency call during the commute to work. I mentioned that the only option Sprint offered for me to use my old Samsung phone was the add-a-phone for $240/yr, and that I didn't really need two lines...I would only be using one phone at a time. I then threw in that if I switched to Cingular, I could accomplish what I wanted without paying anything, by simply swapping the SIM card from the Treo to a non-camera GSM phone. Based on this, I told her that I was considering dropping Sprint and switching to Cingular, but I wanted to know if Sprint could do anything for me, like give me the add-a-phone upgrade for free.

    I was floored when the rep offered the plan Voice plan I listed above, when I would have perfectly happy with just the add-a-phone added to my plan.

    That wasn't enough though. After reading the Employee discount thread I called and got 23% because I'm lucky enough to have an Employer on The List. Then I called about getting Vision for $10, saying "I was told about a Vision plan for $10 when I first signed up, but I thought I'd use the download credit so I stuck with the standard $15 data plan. Now I realize I'm not using the download credit for ringtones, etc. , so I'd like to switch to the $10 Vision plan." Both of these times I just had to hit *2 for customer service and the first reps I spoke with were able to make the changes.

    Below is the Employer discount thread and one of the Vision $10 threads. For more information on the Sprint Retention department, search here and Google. I hope this information helps someone to get themselves a better deal. Good luck!

    Employer discount thread:

    Vision for $10 thread:
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    If anyone's able to get a free second line through Sprint's retention department just because GSM users get similar functionality for free (vs. $240/yr add-a-phone), please share. Maybe I just got caught a retention rep on a good day?
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    I think the plan you got is a standard retention plan. What's surprising is that they gave you this even though you had just signed a new contract. Maybe it's because you were within the 30 day cancellation period? If not, you would have been subject to an ETF had you actually cancelled your service.

    Did they offer you any discount on a new phone for the 2nd line? Or did that not come up since you told them you had an extra phone?
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    Psisquared, did the $40 include *both* phone lines? I've called retention several times and each time they tell me that the $40/750min plan doesn't include the extra line, and that it's another $20 for it.
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    To answer your questions:

    I got the deal after my cancellation period had expired. I think the point was that I was saying I was prepared to leave Sprint to save $240/yr as compared to an early termination fee of only $150.

    Something about a new phone did come up, but I was overwhelmed with what I had received and didn't ask for any more information.

    The $40 does include both lines. The key was saying that if I were with, say, Cingular, I would be able to use a non-camera phone for the commute to work and use the Treo-with-Camera after work, for no extra fee. They were willing to give me a free add-a-phone to give me similar functionality I'd have on a GSM network.
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    That's great. Hope it all actually comes through for you. Check your online account status and next bill carefully.....Sprint reps have been known to give stuff to customers to get them to re-sign, then the features don't show up and they claim there is no record that they offered what you know they did offer. And the supervisors back up the reps to the hilt. I had this happen myself.
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    I agree with john p smth.
    You are nto going to have two lines for $40 no matter what. ther is no code to give you afree line at that price even with a retention god.

    my guess is you could be billed for the new line and when you threaten to cancel they will point out that you would have two $150 cancellation fees.

    I would check with ecare immediately as to what your plan shows.
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    Thanks for the info psisquared. Let us know if/when it comes through.
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    Here's my scenario. I had two phones on a 1000 min $45 plan - the second phone was a $20 add on. Whick makes it $65 - 7pm N/W, PCS to PCS, etc. But Sprint calls out of the blue and offers me (7 year customer) a free phone (albeit crappy one - they were probably clearing inventory) with a third line for no extra charges - not even contract extension. Three lines for $65 is good to me plus the usual volume discount. Thanks Sprint!!! Now my 8-year old can't complain - yeah I know I spoil her. She is after all my only daughter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gpu
    I agree with john p smth.
    You are nto going to have two lines for $40 no matter what. ther is no code to give you afree line at that price even with a retention god.

    my guess is you could be billed for the new line and when you threaten to cancel they will point out that you would have two $150 cancellation fees.

    I would check with ecare immediately as to what your plan shows.
    My paper bill confirms that my plan is as I've stated (inc. 2 lines). What is this ecare you speak of?
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    Another way to get a better plan that works for most people is to switch to an Area Wide Plan.

    I was originally paying $45/mo for 500 daytime minutes with a nationwide calling area, meaning i could make calls from anywhere in the US. I switched to an area wide plan and now get 1000 minutes for the same price - the only catch is, Im limited to making calls from PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Thats fine for me, I dont go out of that area anyway, and I still get free nationwide long distance.
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    Just a note to all current and prospective Sprint customers -- our National Volume Program (NVP) can get you into as much as a 25% discount on monthly recurring service charges. If you work for a big company, like Ford, GM, etc. you'll definitely get a high discount. There are THOUSANDS of companies on our NVP list, so even if you work for a small company, you may still be eligible for a smaller discount. If you're not already receiving the NVP discount, check with your local Sprint store to see if your employer is eligible.

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