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    Sorry if I'm repeating an old question- does anyone out there have a Verizon Treo 600 and Handmark Pocket Express? If so, how is the time you spend on the Internet deducted? Do you have a data plan, or is it taken from your minutes? My Treo 650 is arriving tomorrow, and I do not want a data plan- I will not be using email or doing extensive searches on the web, but I do want access to news, weather and sports. Express sounds like the answer to me.
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    Pocket Express uses the Internet connection so you must have a dataplan with the cell provider. There are no minutes deducted with any provider's data plan but you do want unlimited data (Sprint is the cheapest). You also must have an account setup with Handmark for Express at a monthly rate.

    Basically, you cannot use Express w/out a cell provider's data plan.
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