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    I just got a 650 and I can't seem to get pic attachments from Cingular customers. Now, I am talking about pics sent to me at

    It comes across and shows that there is an attachment download. It shows the file size and all. I download, and nothing. No pic.

    I can get pic attachments from other mail addresses just fine, and I never had a problem getting pics on my Treo600 via sprint e-mail.

    Any advice is much appreciated. My girlfriend is going to be even less happy with my new phone upgrade if she can't send me pics anymore.
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    Eh, nevermind. Apparently the Cingular network isn't compatible with Sprint. What a suprise.

    I should be able to setup a different pop account and receive Cingular pics there, correct?
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    You can use which is a free service......
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    You can use which is a free service......
    Thanks much. I will give it a try. Looks promising.

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