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    I don't mean to rub it in for those of you who can't get one, but mine just arrived. For those of you who are trying to figure delivery time. It took several calls to the business 800# in the first place to get a rep who would sell it to me last week. Finally got one but the order wasn't processed until Sunday due to "not in stock" problems. I don't have a business account and don't have an account rep to grease the the skids for me. The only hope I can give to those of you who are trying is that it seems as though persistance pays off.

    BTW: The earlier post was right it does feel kind of like Christmas morning. I just didn't realize that Santa was a short black man who drove a FedEx truck during the off season.
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    1st call and I'm getting my treo 650 overnighted for $299 including priority overnight shipping and no extension. oooops and a $50 credit to my account for all my trouble.

    @ work my nick name is Glenn Gary
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    Over 20 attempts at ordering this ^%^% phone has led me to wonder how on Earth ANYONE outside B2B has been able to get this phone! It boggles my mind and is actually really beginning to make me mad. This is really insane. Only six days to go, but there is no guarantee that the stores will get them by then either. i have a bad feeling that it will be quite some time before I see a Treo 650.
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    OK is everyone listening? When the consumer reps pull up the 650 it shows 0 quantity available, tell them to place the order and miraculously they are indeed available.

    Being very very nice also helps.
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    Yeah, I told him it was for me home business even though it's on my personal account, and I paid with a corporate credit card, so that might have helped out. The guy at the store was very nice though, I called first and he said he could order them, so I dropped by. The bulk of the people getting them early does seem to be in the south for some reason. Grapvine, Texas here. Can't wait to see it tomorrow before 3. $573.69 with tax and overnight shipping.
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    Just ordered mine yesterday through the company I work for. 359.00 with 2 year contract. Should be at my door in 2-4 days.

    Finally giving up my 7135...I can not wait
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    Waiting till August 16th when my NE2 credit gets me the 650 for $299.

    Will have to stay with this ancient Treo 600 for 90 days. That wont be tough. Looking forward to the better resolution on the screen more than anything.
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    Gadjit - I feel for ya. Mine came yesterday (the day after I ordered) and like you, I kept on trying with no luck and finally on monday talked to someone who didn't even mention the B2B thing and he said, "yeah, no problem, I'll order you a treo 650".

    I know lots of reviews have been posted and this is intended to make you look forward to the treo and not jealous, but....the screen is absolutely amazing. Blows the T600 out of the water. Just the fact that I can see it in daylight makes it worth the extra dough. Larger keys are better and easier to push and the Treo is noticably faster in switching between apps, etc.
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    I am interested if any of you have compared the Treo 650 with the upcoming Samsung i730. If you have, which side are you leaning to and why?

    I am struggling with this decision, because the Samsung i730 appears to do everything the Treo 650 can do plus EVDO and wi-fi.
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    Gadjitfreek and chilliewille check you private messages!!
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    Thanks Animal6, I will try this afternoon. Did this rep give you over-night delivery? Other-wise I may as well wait until Monday to buy from the store.
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    Yes overnight was $10.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawvid
    I am struggling with this decision, because the Samsung i730 appears to do everything the Treo 650 can do plus EVDO and wi-fi.
    That's what they used to say about the Motorola MPX
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    So I walked into my local store and told Scott (a Senior Sales Rep that has helped me with all my phones) that the 650 was out.
    He didn't know it and said let's try...

    I got a 650 ordered with updated 2 year contract and unlimited web service ($100 Discount) and paid $249.99. Scott threw in over night shipping for free and the computer took it. They added tax of $15 and my total out the door was $264.99.... so I paid.
    The phone is supposed to be here Friday.
    We will see...

    BTW... Scott said "I hope I don't get my hand slapped for doing this."
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    Yeah, same thing here Sid. Walked in a Tuesday, ordered it and got it yesterday morning with overnight shipping. Using it now. I am getting a lot of static between my Jabra 250T and my t650 though. I thought it was the Jabra's charge, but alas, no. Any ideas?
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    Oh it's here happy happy joy joy, I thought I was happy with my 600 but....this thing is awesome.
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    I just got mine different from my 7135, but much better overall.
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    Got the 650 on Monday am- after 5 days- great!! Works like a charm! All my apps in- I did put a bunch on my card to ease the memory- so far, very happy upgrade from 600-Krusell case keeping it safe (great case!). It even took some great pics at the Springsteen show last night-Treo bluetooth headset working as well. So far, so good!!
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    Ordered mine on monday, had tues... great phone/pda. Sold my T5 for $300... got T650 for 320 (with taxes)...
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    Wait until the general release Monday, then the fun really starts.
    I would love to know how many VZW have sold in just the B2B alone.
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