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    We have a small business with 6 phone--4 of which are treo 600s. We have been with VZW ever since they released the 600. I sent my rep an email last night asking about the rumor that the 650 was to released today, and this is what he sent back...

    "It is out today. We do not have a trade-in offer. It cost $529.99 full
    retail price. Palm use to have a trade-in PDA device rebate that ended 4/30.
    Here is the offer. Because you are under contract, you have to pay full
    retail. If we come out with another trade-in deal, I will let you know.

    Wow! That sucks! You would think that with a $600+ bill per month, they would care to keep us, but I guess not. It would be cheaper for us to pay to cancel our plan & then get 650's w/Sprint, then to pay them $2,400 for new treo 650's, which I have pointed out to him, so we will see what he has to say?
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    Wow. Another story of great service from VZW. Really makes me want to find another provider, VZW is ranking right up there with Time Warner Cable as far as bad pricing and indifferent service.
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    Listen, your company has 6 lines with VZW. My company has 100 and our monthly bill is well north of $8k per month. We have BB's, Treo's, data plans, insurance, etc. For me to get two new T650's from them (which will ship overnight today), I had to activate two new lines for the discounted price (which I don't even know what it is yet). I will then reassign the ESN's on the new 650s to two existing lines, have to take off the data plan on the new lines and find two old phones and use the lines as back-ups. Can't cancel them or we get the ETF. How freaking aggravating is that????
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    Mine said it would be $520.+ for a new phone.
    Hmmm. since this is my 4th T600 in about 2 months, maybe it will start going bad and I can get a free upgrade.
    Begging is an option
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    I think the subsidized price with a two year agreement is around $349- hoping not more than that.
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    $399 for consumers
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    Interesting, Like I said above, I called my b2b rep and he told me it would be $520 + for me to get the phone. And that he couldnt get me any bus. discounts. Plus I just switched from a Xv6600 to the T600 about 2 months ago.
    Anyway, went to the b2b website for our work. Selected, upgrade phone.
    ignored the requirements for upgrade. (i.e. good standing, near end of contract, no new phone with in 6 mos)
    and picked the T650 for 349.00.

    ordered it and I got a confirmation sent to me. Guess we'll see what happens and if they change/drop it or not.
    Hopefully I'll see a T650 in 2 days.

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    you may! I ordered a vx3100 for FREE with no contract extention a couple years ago and they honored it.
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    What really weird, is that I had to pick 1yr or 2yr contract. Since Im already on a 2 yr, I pick 1yr, it was about 20 bucks cheaper. go fugure.
    Not sure what that means, do I know have a 1 yr contract or a 3 yr?

    Now, once I get it, onto the data plan price reduction.....
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    hmm. i am in colorado too!
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    Colorado Springs here.

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