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    I guess I am confused about the $45 unlimited data rate stuff.

    I have a Motorolla V710 that is set up to use bluetooth to dial into my library ISP, and give me wireless internet to my Powerbook. I have not seen any additional charges on my Verizon bill (maybe I don't know where to look )

    Can't I just dial into my ISP with the TREO 650 and pull web pages up on its browser for the cost of only minutes? Or is the data package from Verizon allowing something different?

    Also, is that package ONLY data, with no phone minutes?

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    Try this discussion thread. I think it answers your question.

    The thread, Treo 650 Comes to Verizon also contains an excellent discussion of the issue.

    Basically, as I wrote before, you can use a Treo 650 to get on the Internet without a Verizon data plan if you have:

    1. A Treo 650.
    2. A telephone number provided by a dial-up ISP for using their dial-up network, if they have one. Not all broadband ISPs provide a dial-up number for use away from the network. Some do. You need a *dial-up* connection, and some DSL providers give or sell that to you to complement their service.
    3. A script ... sometimes. Many dial-up providers are set up that no script is required. In those cases, you should need a telephone number, an account name, and a password.

    There's no charge for a Verizon data plan on your bill, because you aren't using one. Some users (including multiple, qualified "techies") have told me that communications should be significantly slower and more flakey because the data packets for voice are not optimized for data usage.

    It seems likely that you are using voice packets to communicate with your own ISP. I'd like to know about your subjective experience with that. Do you seem to get tolerable web browsing? What sort of things do you do on the Internet ... so we can evaluate whether your experience is relevant to how we might use our Treos?

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