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    My 600 is acting up and I'm reluctant to go back to the last sprint store I was at. They were real foot draggers when it came to warrantly-swapping my treo, and after ok'ing it, it was a week before I found out they still hadn't ordered a replacement because there weren't any in stock at the warehouse. I was told that their "finance guy" was discouraging them from upgrading in spite of sprint's policy to do so (read to me and the retail rep directly from what I assume was a policy book when I called CS to complain), and instead they wait until whatever phone needs to be replaced is available again. Not that I'm slumming for a 650 or something ... of course not.
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    The sprint store in SF on Market near Front seems ok. I've been in there several times and they are usually helpful.
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    The one in Emeryville SUCKS! Don't go there. You're in Berkeley (I am too) so I assume that's probably why you're posting this, eh? If you're in the mood for a drive, I have heard that the store in Pittsburg is really good about making their customers happy ("you have a scratch on your Treo 90? No problem...we'll upgrade you to a 650" ). No first-hand experience with them, however. If you do find a decent store, please post back.

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