Help - can anyone suggest how to get the best deal from Sprint. I've been a Sprint PCS customer since 1999. A year ago last october I purchased a T600 2 days after it came out. Subsequently I ended up having the phone replaced 3 times for warranty purposes.

Went into the Sprint store and first they tell me I'm not eligible for the $150 rebate because I've had the phone for < 18 mo. After pointing out that the reason I had it for less than 18 mo. because it's been replaced, and that I originally purchased the phone over 18 mo. ago.

So, I've got Sprint to admit that I'm eligible for a rebate, but I'm still being asked to pay more than a newbie off the street. (e.g. look at the price through for a new customer)

Any one have a good ideas how to get the price down at the Sprint store. Since I've moved, I can't really use the threat to go to Cingular as they will not port my now out-of-state phone number. Also I have a 25% discount on my bill through my employer, so it still is a lower cost.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated