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    Has anyone else been told by Sprint that if you have a T650 which access the web to send txt messages that you have UNLIMITED? I have been told this TWICE by Sprint reps, yet they continue to charge me for any amount (.10) I go over the 100 that come with the Vision plan. Grrrrrrr I've called twice.

    First rep - "Ma'am, you have unlimited txt messaging because your Treo uses the web and you have unlimited web access with the vision plan, so the 100 txt messages don't apply to you."

    Second rep - After asking why I was charged last month for 130 txt messages over the 100 limit and I explained what First Rep disclosed me... "Yes ma'ma, that is correct. However I am being told by my supervisor that you must download the upgrade (1.08) in order for this to take affect."

    Geeze ok, fine. I upgraded. Guess what? More charges for over text messaging.

    Third rep - "Sorry ma'am but you were miss informed. We only offer unlimited access for an additional $5 per month, but we will remover the overcharges due to the misunderstanding." Good grief!

    Anyone else had problems with this?
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    NO problems with it here. I do pay $5/month for it.
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    I wonder if the two reps was not confusing the idea of instant messanging over the net with apps like Verichat and clients for AIM etc, with text messaging. I have the 100 limit and have never used more than 75 in a month.
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    Sprint has a messeging system that uses the net. Its different from SMS. That is what they were talking about. I am not sure that any new phones even support it.
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    The Sprint Treo 650 natively only uses SMS, not Shortmail. Rep#3 is right. You might hear about Unlimited SMS included on some plans, but its only for those of us that had a Vision Pack (or an older-yet version of $0/$10 Unlimited Vision) before SMS was released on Sprint. As long as we dont change our Vision codes (or even to a different Vision Pack) we get to keep it by virtue of the "grandfathering" effect of the old codes. Pay the $5 - its still a deal compared to other carriers. Oh, and watch out for "premium messaging" 25cent charges, like "voting on some shows" - ask a CSR, maybe you'll get a better explanation than I did...
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    Thanks alchemy. That sounds like what's going on. They should hire you out as a consultant, because their own sales reps have not a clue.

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