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    Yes sprint people are not stupid, on phone and in stores. I agree with you. Sometimes I have to do my homework before I demand anything from them :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    If absolutely forced to use CDMA(the format that FORCES you to use ONE phone as compared to GSM which allows you to CHANGE phones WITHOUT calling the carrier ), I'd have to go back to Verizon, even though they are always late getting out good phones.
    It's a breeze to swap phones on Verizon via their website. Just log in and type in the ESN of the phone you want to use. It takes effect within seconds. The additional advantage over GSM is that if your phone is stolen, you can activate your spare without needing a new SIM card. I haven't had a phone stolen, but I have left my phone at my girfriend's apartment, only to realize it when I got home. Instead of making the return trip, I just grabbed my spare phone and activated it.
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    Here's a quick bit of info on UMTS (WCDMA):

    It isn't widely available in the US (only a few markets) - but should be more available (along with some areas of HSDPA) by Q4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    Like SBC our phone company, LOL! I read my bill and see they charge for any call that comes in it looks like!
    Exactly! Thankfully I have the unlimited local/local toll and long distance package with them. Otherwise I'd be getting some hidden charge somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    You know they never even told me I had those options NOT to get a contract, all I get is "upgrade phone, sign new 2 yr. contract". I've upgraded only once though, but inquired about a new phone again, same thing. The salesperson claimed every time you activate a new phone, you have to extend your contract. Maybe I was snowed by someone needing to make a commission?
    I've had probably at least 5 phones over the last 2 years and have not had to sign a contract. They key is not to buy them from Sprint. I get my phones off of eBay and call Sprint to activate. Sometimes they try to give you grief about an activation charge, but when the do I tell them I'm not going to pay it due to the issues I've had with my account (they keep adding roadside assistance and voice activated dialing to my account) then they waive it.
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    Did a change from the $15 Internet package to the $10 Internet package (everything else is the same) just a little over a month ago...

    ...typical Sprint, I just found out they charged me a "pro-rated fee" or something like that for the switch in Vision service ("just for this month" the Sprint reps say) my phone bill is actually $5 bucks higher this month! ($75 versus $70.) For all that trouble, I should have kept the $15/month Internet charge! Sheesh! I'm hoping the switch in savings will be worth it in subsequnt months.

    Going with that theme, I'm month-to-month with Sprint (Since January 2005). I'm also banking on delayed gratification with the new data service that will be available late this year/eary next, around the same time they annouce the new Treo. Hopefully they'll have some type of bundle like a MobiTV/basic unlimited Internet package (or something similar) by that time--then I would also apply that 'every 18 month' discounted handset deal which I haven't yet used! (Treo 700 with Wi-Fi and a lifedrive type feature?! Oh please!!) By that time, if I can haggle/angle for better phone rates like night & weekend minutes starting at 8pm or 7pm, etc. even better!
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    I've been MTM with Sprint for over a year. The only thing keeping me with them is we get a discount through my wife's employer and all her friends use Sprint so the $5 for PCS to PCS is very valuable. Otherwise I was seriously considering a switch to T-Mobile until I found out they charge your minutes for calls you don't answer and when people leave voice mails! I then thought about Cingular because I have SBC for my home phone, dish, and DSL and get a discount on all SBC services and would get additional discounts if I added Cingular, but I don't think the savings would be greater than what I already have. Right now I'm pretty satisfied with Sprint's service and the prices are pretty low, too. Only if they would do something about that 18 month rule and improve customer service!
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    [QUOTE=htmanning]Sprint has problems and so does Verizon. I have Sprint and my friend has Verizon. My bill is less, and I get more minutes. At the end of the day, that makes the difference for me. They say that Verizon has better coverage but I have had no problems in major cities around the country with Sprint so I'm staying put.

    And Tmobile and Cingular have [more than] their fair share of problems, too. Cellular providers consistently rate near the bottom of consumer satisfaction ratings in every poll, in every area of the country. Pick a vendor, and you'll find many more posts complaining about them than praising or defending them.

    So saying that Verizon has a higher customer satisfaction rating than Cingular (just as an example--don't know if it's true or not) is kind of like saying Sadam Hussein had higher satisfaction ratings than Kim Jong Il!
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