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    Looking for a bit of advice... thinking about getting a Treo on Verizon. How much extra is the 650 *really* worth? If I don't anticipate using bluetooth (don't have any other bluetooth hardware, and I'm probably 2 years away from a laptop upgrade), I'd basically be paying for the resolution, the removable battery, and what?

    It looks like I could maybe talk my way into a T600 for about $200 (, and the t650 is going to cost 2x that? Is it worth it?
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    I bought my Treo for $325 on Cingular and I have seen it since for $299 at Amazon. Sprint models are even cheaper than that. Who knows what verizon will charge but I specifically held off buying the 600 until the 650 came out. For one, with NY being a "hands free" telephones only state, a headset is a given. And for my money, I wasn't gonna invest a coupla hundrede bucks in any phone that required me to have wires coming outta my head and running over to the phoen which I keep on the dashboard.

    Don't underestimate the value of a removeable battery cause that means you can carry a 2nd battery which would be important specially on CDMA. (GSM phones have about 50% more battery life). And the screen.....well imagine using a 15" (600 x 800) screen versus a 21" (1200 x 1600) screen on the desktop. And a faster processor to boot.

    If I had the 600 I probably wouldn't upgarde till the next version, but not having the 600, I would definitely hold out for the 650.

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