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    Why is it on the sprint pcs service my data mode will start up by itself... meaning I won't be on the internet, sending a picture, etc... and the data arrows are lit up green. When it does this I can not recieve any calls... does this happen for everyone??? It does this a lot to me. Thanks for the help.
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    If that is happening it would typically mean that you have some application that is trying to connect to data services for some reason or another. Check your e-mail apps to make sure you don't have any automatic mail checking set. Also if you use an app like PocketTunes be sure you've "stopped" any previous streaming.

    What you are experiencing is not normal if you don't have an application that is trying to connect.

    It might help if you list all the Internet enabled apps on your Treo.
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    I did check to make sure that my versamail autosync was turned off... and it is. The only other internet app I have on there is the Blazer browser. That is really all that I can think of... the only of apps I put on it are mostly games... It just seems to be in data mode a lot more than I'd like it to. Especially if I am missing calls because of it. Thanks for the reply.
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    If you are using a 600 and still have the original Email program check those settings as well. Maybe that's the culprit.
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    Sorry I never made that clear. I am using a 650.
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    Unfortunately, there are some areas (I think very few) which for some reason cause the Treo to "ping" the network without reason. I recently moved, but at my old house my Treo would do this pinging once or twice per minute for absolutely no reason. Nowhere else (including my current house) does it do this. I suspect there was some issue with Sprint's network at that particular spot.

    Just to make absolutely sure, do a soft-reset of your Treo, turn wireless mode on, then to to system --> prefs --> network and connect to Vision. (rather than using an application to open a data connection) Now watch the "arrows" for a few minutes. If you still see them turning green every so often, then call Sprint and open a trouble ticket with their Vision tech support unit. Keep hounding them until they do something about it.
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    Exactly with what you said, pinging the network is most likely the factor...
    This happens to me all the time @ work, underneath a Sprint repeater inside our building. Wont say where I work... LOL...
    Anyway, I will get a perfect answer tomorrow @ work when I call the Engineers I work with... Take care for now...

    - Jim R.
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    It seems like the past few days it is not doing it as much. So maybe it was something with the network. Thanks for all of the replies.

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