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    Hi, I recently purchased a factory refurb treo 600 for Bell Mobility (Canada) Verizon said they could hook it up but low and behold infinite roaming (picking up Sprint). The normal codes for changing the band do not work. The programming is different for Canadian phones. I have gotten the MSL and can get to the programming, but do not know how to change the band. ##33284 works to tell me what band I'm on (1900 cdma) but ##2362 will not work as a code to change it. There is no option for band in the menu as there normally is on american treos.

    Will the instructions in the FAQ for switching from Sprint to Verizon work on my phone? Can I run the Kyocera PST with a normal USB sync now that I have gotten the MSL (no need to use Bitpm)? Once I flash the phone using Kyocera PST will I be able to get on the right band?

    ANY help will be MUCH appreciated.
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    try pressing instead ## press #*#

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