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    Ok just received my tracking # from Verizon and it should be here before 10:00 tomorrow morning.
    I did have to go thru my rep, not the customer service people but the person that is in charge of the corp account.
    She also said that the release was for tomorrow the 11th for both B2B and retail, not a seperate release later.
    I will post pics in the morning as soon as I get it.
    Finally It will be here I have been jealous of my brothers for ever, almost switched to sprint to get the Treo but I am glad I waited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sodiumlake
    She also said that the release was for tomorrow the 11th for both B2B and retail, not a separate release later.
    Spoke to my Radio Shack VZW dealer today. He'd previously asserted that Radio Shack would get the phones when the B2B got them because Tandy is such a big gorilla. Not true. They hadn't heard of the release when I called. He checked with his distributor who informed him that they'd have product 5/23. He still had no pricing information.

    I'm switching three current phones from Sprint PCS and adding 1-3 more, and a business will own them. How do I get a business rep to see if he can match the numbers I'm seeing here? It sure looks like the consumer channel will not only be slower, but will be the same price or more.
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    Yes, had to go through rep. If you can't get your rep call the main biz to biz number and they may be able to give you an alternate rep's number.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattkopko
    business people: did you have to go through sales reps to get the phone? cause i called verizon and they said the contact listed at my business has to place all orders...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenzytom
    I can't really see if the Verizon version has a different color it dark grey or blue?
    The one the P1 rep had at the roadshow was the same as the SPCS model, but with a VZW logo.
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    I just stopped by the Verizon store at Port Authority in NYC. They said that they would have the 650 available for sale on 5/25.
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    I decided to go Sprint. I know I will lack in coverage in some areas but since I fly, most of the cities that I go to will be fine. Sprint does have better service where I live. The big thing was the data plan coupled with Sprints fair and flex I will be saving a lot of money on two phones a month. It was a hard change though as I was a happy Verizon customer but just got tired of the wait. I am liking my 650 for the most part. Some things have been a little tought to get use to. Sprints data plan is fast and have been very pleased with that.
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