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    Sprint: EV-DO Goes Live Tomorrow

    Sprint is expected to begin deployment of PRL 10027 tomorrow. This PRL will enable EV-DO in all devices that support it. While the PRL generally refers to roaming, carriers have modified the PRL to provide network feature status, such as with EV-DO.

    Sprint generally takes time to deploy PRL releases properly, so why PRL 10027 may be released, customers may not be able to get it over-the-air immediately. We will you informed as to when it is available.

    Adding EV-DO support in the PRL does not mark the official launch of EV-DO, there is no guarantee as to available EV-DO coverage anywhere from Sprint at this time.
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    what does this mean to us run-of-the-mill treo owners? do the 600 and/or 650 support ev-do, and they do, will it cost more, or is it just an service upgrade enabled with the new prl? - thanks, mark
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    As I've already commented in the inital article, the Treo 650 does not support EV-DO. PalmOne has stated they are working on an EV-DO Treo, but it is unknown when it will launch. - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage

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