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    Should I get the warranty w/Sprint for the Treo for $5.00 per month. Any opinions?

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    IMHO-absolutley. You can get the warranty part only for $2 a month. It covers wear and tear. That's what I have on my 600. I don't mind being responsible for damage or theft, but I want Sprint to cover defects.
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    I would...and did.

    It's your money though. Odds are you won't ever need to use it. But then again, what happens if it gets damaged and you're without coverage, and more importantly, without your Treo? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    i think it is def. worth it - I already use it for a button that fell off
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    you have to get it within 30 days of activating the phone or something though
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    I'm calling 1st thing tomorrow to add. Thanks!!
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    Absolutely. I have it and it is well worth the peace of mind.
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    Yea, but be aware of possible exclusions. These exclusions have not been an issue for anyone AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK...$YET$.
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    You may wish to call your home owners' insurance provider. Mine is State Farm, and they have a separate policy. It costs $20 per *year*, and covers theft, loss, damage. There is no deductible.


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