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    I went into the Sprint store in North Mcallen, Tx on wednesday to get my treo 300's headset jack fixed.The rep took it to the back and told me to come back in 30 minutes. When I went back, the manager told me they were going to replace the phone. To my surprise, he offered me a refurb 650, and said that I would be billed the $10 deductible. I said sure and he told me to come pick it up in 2-3 days. I went back on Friday, and my 650 was in. They activated it and it is working great.

    I am not a big spender, but I have been with sprint for nearly 6 years. My plan is the 300 min f&f, with pcs to pcs calling. I now have vision services. I believe that the manager was nice to me because the customer that he helped before me basically called him every curse word known to man. I guess the moral of the story is be good to the sprint store manager and they will be good to you.

    Thank god for Total Equipment Protection.
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    Sounds good. Now dial ##786 on your phone and check the "Refurb Status."

    If it says "No," then you got even luckier...they gave you a new phone.

    Happened to me last month.
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    Of course I've had the opposite experience. Have been a loyal Sprint customer since 1999. Purchased the T600 the second day it was out. Now on my 4th one and had to be quite firm on #4 to get a new one instead of a refurb. Was offered $75 trade in on a new T650 at list price.. Oh well, at least it works.. Glad it worked out for you.

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