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    My VZW Kyocera 7135 just died. I called Verizon and they agreed to replace it (it's still under warranty). Today the FedEx lady brought me... a Treo 600. Seems they don't support the 7135 any longer, so they're replacing failed 7135s with 600s now.

    I was waiting for the 650 to be released so I could upgrade *anyway*. However, I don't particularly want a 600. Questions:

    - Could I keep the 600 and return it within the 15-day window? I don't know whether that applies to replacement hardware like this or not.

    - Should I just sell it on eBay? If so, what's a new 600 worth?
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    Just sold my 2 months used T600 for 299. I'm happy.
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    VZW is selling them for $149 now. The 650 is probably going to go for $350.

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The 600 is a great phone/PDA. The 650 doesn't add that much, in my opinion (? crippled BT, screen, removable battery, non-volatile memory and faster processor).

    I would keep the 600 and wait for the EV-DO Treo (but who knows when that will come out!)
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    I agree with drrjv. I'd have to think long and hard if Verizon offered to "upgrade" me at no cost. The higher-res screen, maybe the bluetooth, and possibly the removable batter would be nice, but not at the cost of the NVFS and it's issues.
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    I agree... I've found myself wishing I had the hires screen frequently (such as for emulation of NES/SNES games), but that alone doesn't seem to be worth dealing with NVFS to me just yet.
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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. The 600 is definitely a nice upgrade from my 7135, *except* that I can't use it as a tethered modem without paying $35 for PdaNet-- and when I upgrade to a 650, I'll have to buy it *again*.

    I use a 256MB SD card now, so the NVFS isn't that big a deal to me. I'd love to have the bluetooth and screen, but since I can't get one now anyway the question is moot.

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