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    Does anyone know how INSTANT MESSAGING is billed when using a device like a Pocket PC w/ Verizon and Sprint? I am looking to get the $49.99 (Verizon) / month unlimited data for a Pocket PC plan OR the $15.00 (Sprint) Vision internet...

    Is it just included with the unlimited internet that I am paying into or is it treated like a Text Message?

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    $15 from Sprint only covers unlimited data...which is a really good deal. With Sprint your first 100 SMS messages are free and then you pay a fee for each. However, for an extra $5 you get unlimited SMS, which is what I do.
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    Vision on Sprint w/ a PPC is an extra $15 ($30 total) a month according to the website. It does include 100 text messages per month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman
    Vision on Sprint w/ a PPC is an extra $15 ($30 total) a month according to the website. It does include 100 text messages per month.
    You're correct. For PocketPC devices, Vision is double the price. You could probably find someone in CS to bump it down to $15 if you try.

    At any rate, it would be worth it if you plan on doing any kind of texting to pay the extra $5 for Unlimited Text and not have to worry. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Verizon Picture and text messaging is NOT included in the unlimited data plan.
    Text msging is 10 cents to send and 2 cents to recieve. Picture messaging to or from is 25 cents.
    They do offer packages for these if you plan to use them a lot but they're totally independent of data plans.
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    Good god, this same user posted the exact same question on at least three other web sites at the same time. How many sites do you need to post the same question on? - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    This really only applies if your doing IM via SMS. If your using an IM program, it likely goes over the Data network and the charges for that depend on your plan.
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    I really hate how Verizon nickel and dimes you. To use SMS you have to pay for a separate plan, on top of the exorbitant data plan. If you send picture or video messages, then you have no choice but to get one of those messaging plans, cause it's way to expensive to do that "a la carte"

    that's on top of having to pay extra money for a case (one that actually has a clip), an adapter to plug in your standard headphones, a seperate MP3 player (i have the 600) and that's on top of whatever software your going to purchase it to customize it...

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