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    I'm having a weird problem that I think is with either SprintPCS or my Treo. I have Vonage VOIP service, and have set it up to ring both my VOIP phone and my SprintPCS number simultaneously. The problem is that when a call comes in on my VOIP number, my Treo rings once, then the call goes directly to Sprint's voicemail before I can pick the call up on either the Treo or the VOIP phone.

    If I forward to to another land line or my old T-mobile cell phone instead of my SPCS Treo, everything works as expected -- but SprintPCS seems to be sending the call straight to VM after one ring.

    Any ideas on why or more importantly how to stop this behaviour?


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    I doubt it's a Sprint issue. You may want to contact tech support at Vonage to find out if there are any issues with duplicating forwarded calls for GSM vs. CDMA...sounds weird, but who knows.
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    I do the exact same thing and my calls come through without going to voicemail. The only time it goes to voicemail is when it's supposed to.


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