Not to beat a dead-horse here... as I am sure it's been touched upon in other threads... But I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight...

I know that Verizon offers unlimited data for either $44.95 (If you have an existing Verizon Voice plan) or $49.95 (If you just subscribe to a data plan w/ no voice plan).

What's the deal with Sprint? I have heard mixed reviews about their data plan offerings. I have heard the following "options":

1. That you have to get a Voice-Plan for at least $30-35 / month and then add a Vision plan to it for $15.00 / month.


2. That you are required to purchase a voice plan ($30-35 / month) then (2) Vision plans totalling $30.00 / month when you are using the Pocket PC's.

I have heard of option #2 that it's up to what sales representative you get, that determines whether or not you get whacked w/ a second Vision plan.

Does anyone know if you DO infact have to purchase (2) vision plans when using a Pocket PC on Sprint's network?

Does anyone know if you can JUST get the (2) Vision packages and NO voice plan with Sprint?

Truth is...I have a voice plan w/ Nextel and I am very happy with it . I am just looking to get the PPC 6600 with a Data Plan ONLY.

If what I have heard is correct about Sprint, I am looking at paying upwards about $60.00 / month to get the unlimited Vision.

It would seem like a no-brainer that I go with Verizon if in fact I have to pay that much to get the PPC with Sprint.

Can anyone help provide any insight here?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!