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    Has anyone else had their outgoing email returned because the Sprint outgoing (SMTP) server has been blacklisted by DSBL and the other Blackhole groups?

    I get this message from some ISPs when I try to email to users on their system:

    Diagnostic code: smtp;553 5.3.0 <>... Mail not accepted, IP is listed on DSBL - see <>

    The XXXXXXX's are my addition, BTW.

    This is a little crazy and I don't even want to try to explain this to a Level One technician....

    Anyone else? Post and respond to the POLL!
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    I have had one returned stating that the recipient server treated the email as spam. The I sent was to sent to a school district address in Georgia.
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    Yes, it appears that some or all of Sprint's outgoing SMTP email servers have been listed as originators of spam and are now on spam lists and subsequently being blocked by certain ISPs.
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    I have had it happen to an email address that I was sending emails too for quite a while.

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