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    Is it possible to disconnect the access on the Treo itself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BTLew81
    Is it possible to disconnect the access on the Treo itself?

    Under Preferences, go into Network and set up a dummy data connection which goes nowhere. I titled my service "Data Block" with no user name or password.

    No chance of ever getting data charges this way.
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    OK, found out some stuff last nite when i activated my phone. First before i activated it, I had them transfer me to the tech person to ask them. The tech person said that as long as i dont set up wireless sync on my treo or hook it up on the computer/server it will never use data. So you DONT need a data service to hook up the treo. She said never connect it to the USB cable to your computer.

    second, the plan that somebody on here was talking about with unlimited data/450 minutes for $39 is BS!! I gave them that code and that is only one part of the offer, the voice minutes, that does not include the data portion for the other $40. There is NO such offer. If they havent caught it yet, they WILL.

    Now my only question is what about HOT SYNC. Can i still use that, i want to add other programs and isnt that the only way to do it on the treo. I might have to call back and see if i can HOT sync and not Wireless sync if that still will be fine. Because i specifically remember her saying dont hook it up at all to the usb cable/computer.
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    I think customer service is confused. Hooking up to USB or a serial port is the standard way to hotsync (and has been on Palms before the days of the internet) There's no internet or data usage involved in doing a wired (USB) hotsync.
    If you do a wireless using your wireless data conenction (not Bluetooth) then there woudl data usage but not for standard USB usage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JmakVR6
    I hope you guys are calling and getting this plan while it lasts. I have allready talked to 4 verizon reps who have confirmed I am on a 450 anytime minute/unlimited data plan for $39.99.
    I've been through the same thing, and trust me when I tell you, it is $39.99 plus an additional $40 for data. I switched to the Core Choice plan the day it came out - it took the rep like a day to find it and switch me to it, and when he did, he told me I would only be paying $39.99/month. I called back 3 times to confirm, they all said the same thing. I finally spoke with a supervisor who confirmed that the $40 is listed under another section that these customer service people weren't looking at, and I would be paying for my unlimited data usage (it is simply a $5 discount from the normal rate when you are on Core Choice.)

    Anyway, I received my bill a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, the supervisor was right, it was $39.99 + $40 for unlimited data...

    Just FYI.
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    Verizon's data plan costs are what drove me to Earthlink. They "discount" the data plan more as you go to the higher voice plans. Here is the breakdown from their brochure.

    $80 bucks gets you 450 minutes voice ($5 savings over voice plus unlimited data.)

    $110 bucks gets you 1350 minutes voice ($15 savings over voice plus unlimited data.)

    $170 bucks gets you 4000 minutes voice ($25 dollars savings over voice plus unlimited data.)

    The Earthlink plan I chose is somewhere between the Verizon 1350 and 4000 minute plan. I'm paying $140 for 2400 minutes and unlimited data. Thought it was $130 but apparently Earthlink and Officemax have yet to get their sh_t together (I even called Earthlink to verify the $20 data plan...jeesh.) I may back down to the $105 1100 minute Earthlink plan. I'll have to see how many minutes I use per month.

    I also saved considerably on the cost of the phone as Verizon was only willing to give me a $50 discount because I had a previous account with them. I probably could have forced the issue and set up a new account but I'm not sure exactly who I would have had to go through to do that as only Verizon seems to have this combined discount plan and not the other places that cell Verizon phones (like
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone-Ike
    I've got a data plan (feature) through VZW that gives me 40Mb of data for $20. I mentioned it here and also on two other forums weeks ago, but for some reason, this feature seems to be next to impossible to come up with when you call and ask for it & I'm not sure why. It is listed as a data feature for pda/smartphones and is called KB40.

    There are even some sceptical posters who thought I was making this up, but here's a screenshot from my account summary on VZW's website.
    This works out well for me since I don't typically use more than 40mb per month today.

    Also notice that additional kb usage is $.0040, which I was pleasantly suprised to find out upon examining the first bill I got
    After poking around this thread, I noticed something interesting. I had added the KB40 data feature but when I checked my service profile I realized that I am getting unlimited data for $20/month. I even called data tech support, and after 25 minutes of checking, confirmed that I am truly unlimited. Here is what my service profile looks like.
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    limo.......the only guy with a better data plan than me!

    Interesting that they are calling it KB40 however. I assumed the "40" stood for the 40Mb of data allowed in the plan.

    Assuming anything with Verizon plans is never a good idea


    ...the Truth will set you free!
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