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    I am able to dial up to my DSL provider (SBC). I can use blazer and retrieve email from VersaMail. Just started using this and need to check my minutes just to make sure all is fine.
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    hello all,

    Can anyone (simba, cyberbec, or anyone else who has used this method of connecting to internet through another ISP) confirm that verizon DOES NOT charge the PER KB rate when you are using your own provider? That only the number of minutes used is deducted from your voice plan?

    Also, see this thread:

    In post 4 in response to post 3:
    "No you don't [ have to use verizon for data]. However, the phone is locked so you can not use a different provider (just like Sprint and other cell providers). If you download a program to unlock it, your technical support and warranty go away. Not a good idea."

    Is this refering to the use of a dialup ISP for data use? Does this in fact, void any warranty? Or is post 4 referring to something else?

    Any clarification would be appreciated.

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    I can't give you an absolute answer because I haven't received my first bill since getting the Treo 650. I can tell you that before I set up the ISP, I played with Blazer and Versamail for a couple of days and checked my data usage by calling #data. After setting up the dial-up ISP, I have routinely checked my data usage (via #data), and my kb usage has not increased at all.
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    With the 600, it was found you could go online and it would just subtract from your minutes. It was great for someone like me who only uses it occasionally and great for the weekends since it was free. Has anyone found this to be possible with the 650?
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    This is exactly the way I use mine. I have unlimited nights and weekends and do all my data and internet connecting when the minutes aren't clicking away. Just as fast and unlimited.
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    Are these Verizon 650's that are connecting through an ISP? There are quite a few of us that recently switch to the 650 from 600 and can no longer get this method of connection to work.
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    Thanks for the reply. I would be great if you could update us when you receive your bill to confirm if Verizon's billing reflected your kb usage (or lack of, rather). Thanks.

    As slorandy indicated, i assume these are treo 650 on NEW plans? or did you update to a treo 650 from a previous contract?

    I wonder why slorandy cannot use this feature? Slorandy, any ideas why it won't work? Are you a first-time buyer of the 650 with a new contract? or a previous owner of a 600 or other phone with a previous data contract?

    Perhaps, the problem is with the ISP?

    just throwing around ideas....
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    Forgot to mention....

    camels1993 and Leonardkl,

    I understand with the treo 650 (or treo 600) voice plan has unlimited weekends etc. However, depending on the ISP you have, the minutes would still be deducted from your ISP plan, correct?

    I.e. I use optimum online. They offer ISP dialup numbers. it's 10 hours for $10. On weekends, no minutes would be theoretically charged to Verizon's plan, however, minutes would still be deducted from optimum's plan of 10 hours...correct?

    Leonardkl, how is using dialup ISP as fast as verizon's own network? Is Verizon's own data network not as fast as I'm led to believe? Please elaborate.

    Thanks to all for their informative contributions to this site. I went to a Verizon store yesterday and was stunned how blatantly deceptive the reps were when trying to sell me a treo 650 with an unlimited plan -- because THAT data plan "was the only one available". It was only after my pointed questions about other data plans of which I was aware did the rep nervously backpeddle his statement to "well, nobody buys the Pay-As-You-Go plan since it's 5 cents a kb." -- another innaccurancy. Makes me wonder how many people stroll into a store without any background knowledge and get taken for a wild ride.

    Regardless, it is a tremendous benefit to read about other user's experiences and knowledge in order to get the best and fairest deal possible.
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    I have been with Vz for many years, so this was renewing my contract. This is my first phone with data capabilities. When I activated my Treo 650, I selected pay-as-you go.
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    With the 600 you didn't need an ISP and you weren't charged data minutes for using Verizon's slow network, just air time minutes. Has anyone figured out if this is a possibility on the 650 or did Verizon figure out how to fix that problem (or bonus for us).
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    I've had my Treo 650 since end of January, I don't have a data plan; didn't update my plan, and I Verizonized the Sprint phone and my phone is not registered as a Treo when I called Verizon to activate the phone (Audiovox). My plan is just the Mobile WEb plan where when I use the internet, it counts towards my minutes. So of course, I don't use it much except nights and weekends - which is unlimited. I make sure the network is turned off when I'm done using Blazer, Versamail, or wireless sync'g. Even if the network data icon is on - I turn off the phone then turn it back on to make sure the data icon is not on - this make sense to you? My bills are as they should be

    I am able to connect ISP to my DSL account through my SBC account, incase I'm not able to log on to the Verizon network. Guess I'll see if I can connect to my ISP account at home.

    Hope you're all having a safe holiday!
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    When I bought my Treo 650, I did so with the intention of using it mainly for email and internet. I got the unlimited data plan and I am very happy I did. I am one week into owning the phone and I have 45 MB of data already used. If I had gone with the Pay As You Go plan, I would have had a horrifying bill. Yesterday I was taking a 5.6 mile walk and noticed a really serious looking storm in the sky. I whipped out the Treo and signed onto NOAA and checked the radar. Sure enough, the storm had gone severe, but was moving away from me. Satisfied, I shut the Treo off and coninued my walk. Wenever I need any snippet of info, the Treo can get it for me. It is my personal information gateway to the world, and it fits in my pocket. How on Earth does i get better than that?

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    So it seems from various posts that purchasing a 650 on a new Verizon plan requiring the purchase of an unlimited data plan is a sham (is that correct?). This is the line I was given when I purchased my 650 over the weekend. I told the rep that that was rediculous but he was adamant that there were no other data options. I bought it figuring I had 15 days to find out the truth and switch.

    Is there any way I can find out what all of the data options actually are? I figure I will call Verizon in the next couple days and hope to get someone more knowledgeable/flexible.
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    there are 3 options:

    1. pay per minute of usage
    2. get 10mb for $29.99
    3. unlimited for $49.99

    You don't have to get a plan a rep told me last night. I took the plan for now due to the $100 off the phone and she flat out said you can cancel it tomorrow and still have the $100 off the phone! I think they want to rope people in and hope they forget to cancel or get hooked.

    I would still love to know if you use the net during nights and weekends, does it just take away minutes like it did on the 600 or have they fixed that.
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    If found that you don't actually need to 'sign-up' for a monthly data plan. If the sales rep tries to tell you that, then he just wants to sell you a big plan. It's possible, given that there may be 650 inventory shortages, that a sales person could 'stick to their story' in an effort to save the 650's for those customers that will sign up for the unlimited data plan, etc.

    When you purchase the 650 through Verizon Wireless, you are automatically 'signed-up' for the pay-as-you-go data rate of .015 per kb.

    So far, I love mine!! I've been holding out on my NE2 upgrade for seven months waiting for it, and I'm glad I did!! I was able to sell my palmOne Zire72 to help offset the cost as well
    I look forward to spending some time with everyone here at TreoCentral!!

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    not sure if you already got it, but you do not. I have two with verizon - my 650 does have the data plan (by choice) and my girlfriend's (my old 650) does not. At the store they simply asked; we said "no" because she was simply getting used to the whole palm... sync...treo concept. They said I could add it whenever.

    I just got on to check if we could use our minutes for her for now because she wants it. We could in the old days but I'm having issues. I think it was call qnc or csd data... or something like that. If anyone out there knows please let me know.

    enjoy it.
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    Can anyone else reconfirm that if you use dial up that it just uses min, not data charges
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    That was the case with my 600 on Verizon, but none of us with 650's have had success creating a dial-up.
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    My dial-up works just fine for my Treo 650, and the charge goes against minutes, not my "pay as you go" (per kb) plan.
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    Reset my minutes and kb, then tried People PC tonight, but noticed that neither my minutes or kb changed. Anyone else trying it notice this? What am I being charged for them if it does not show either one being used??
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