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    Any internet alternatives for Treo 650 without subscribing to Sprint vision @$15 a month?
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    Go with Cingular....seriously though, nope.

    That's the cheapest you'll find from any carrier. I pay $5 per month for our two phones but it's an old plan.
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    CSD data can be taken from your minutes for free, but requires you to have a dialup ISP account. It's also limited to 14.4 kbps and ties up your phone when in use whether idle or not, as opposed to 1xRTT data which is 144 kbps peak and does not tie up your phone when idle but turned on.

    $15/mo for Sprint Vision unlimited is an unbelievably low price. Most other providers want $45+ for the same service, including Sprint's only CDMA competitor, Verizon.
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    I have had unlimted vison services from day one and they still charge me the orignal $10 that it once was
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    CSD through sprint is 39cents/minute.
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    Vision is the cheapest you'll get for the bandwidth. Cingular's current data plans are more than $5, plus regular GSM (non-EDGE) is also a slower connection.
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    I was all ready to shop around for new providers since my Sprint contract is coming up.

    Then I found out what these jokers are asking for unlimited data. $45??????? I get unlimited Vision for $10! Why on this green Earth would I ever leave Sprint?

    If I ever lose the $10 Vision, I will have no use for a Treo, as I am never (ever, ever) paying that kind of money for data on a smartphone. I would just go back to a dumbphone
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    Quote Originally Posted by worker4youth
    CSD through sprint is 39cents/minute.
    This is correct. Definitely DO NOT use your phone as a dial-up modem. Your connection will be slow as dirt and expensive as gold.

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