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    Sprint BizConnect not updating Time for DST?

    I noticed that the handheld version of Sprint Business Connect does not have the correct time. I checked my PC, and it's time is correct, and I checked BC via the web on my PC and the times are right there. Seems like just the handheld client running on my 650 is an hour off. Anyone else? Any ideas for a fix?
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    Have you checked your daylight savings time preferences? Do you live in some location that doesn't observe daylight savings time which could be messing things up? Sunday was daylight savings time and a good chuck of the USA pushed their clocks forward one hour.
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    I live in South FL. I have Enable Local Network Time checked in my preferences so the Treo automatically updated the time via Sprint. However BC is still an hour behind......
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    I think I remember having the same issue. the fix was to disable network time and set the device manually. This is an issue with timezone identification on sprints network.
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