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    Hello everyone,

    After much searching with no reults I have decided to post this thread. I am to take delivery of a sprint moded 650 next week. I found numerous post re. 600 plans, mou, data plans, limited and unlimited. What recommendations would you make for a service plan when I activate the phone? I am a current user with verizon and will change my current # over to the new phone. I currently have a LG flip phone with very limited internet access. If I have overlooked a thread that addresses this question please point me in that direction.

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    Doc, if it's not too late for you, have you seen this:
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    No EVDO for the Verizon model ? I notice that page says"

    High-speed Data Download (1-RTT or EDGE)
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    Taken from,1759,1772941,00.asp

    "As for service plans, Verizon has very few options. The BroadbandAccess plan for PC Cards is a pricey $79.99 per month, but it's very easy to use—just pop a PC Card into your laptop. The PC Cards sell for as little as $49 with a two-year contract.

    BroadbandAccess for PDAs makes you pay more up front for an expensive PDA/ phone, but costs less monthly. It currently works solely with the $549 Audiovox XV6600 PDA/phone. For $45 a month, you get unlimited Internet on your PDA or laptop, using the XV6600 as a Bluetooth or USB modem. There's one big catch: Bluetooth speeds seem to be capped around 400 Kbps, and the USB function isn't supported, so you must configure the USB modem based on hobbyist Web sites if you want a faster connection than Bluetooth offers.

    V Cast, Verizon's $15-per-month consumer EV-DO service, is much less compelling than BroadbandAccess. V Cast currently comes on three phones (priced with one-year contracts): the Audiovox 8940 ($299 direct), LG VX8000 ($269), and Samsung SCH-a890 ($319). There's no e-mail, no Web browsing, no laptop connections, not even the ability to view video clips other than the ones Verizon chooses to bring you.

    To its credit, V Cast includes a range of 2- to 5-minute clips from providers like CNN, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, NBC, PBS, and VH1, and about 300 new clips arrive per day. The clips are smooth and clear, the best we've seen on a phone, although talking heads sometimes lose lip sync. Still, despite the variety, we got bored with V Cast pretty quickly."
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    Thank you for the information. I may need to clarify the questions. Verizon does not recognize the Treo 650 (rebranded Sprint) When I activate (with my old number) can I tell them a model that uses data (and pay $45 unlimited) or a nondata phone and use minutes. What are the drawback and benefits with the two. Other than Money and Time? Is it best to have a data plan, any special features included? vs nondata plan and using minutes?
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    I'm not on Verizon with the Treo so I can't tell you current specifics. But w/ Cingular, I have found the best strategy is to get the phone and then just add the data plan yourself thru the web site.

    here'a a web site:
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    When I activated my Sprint Treo 650 and spoke with the rep, they couldn't exactly identify what phone my ESN came from, so I told her I bought a Kyocera 7135 on eBay. Then she said it seemes like an Audiovox, so I just laughed and said, "well, it's a Kyocera, but, then again, you know computers.... always something wrong with them" and sure enough, that was enough.

    As for data plans, I put my phone on the unlimited $45/month plan. I don't like surprises. Plus, the whole key of the 600 and the 650 is data, so I would have racked up far to many minutes if I was using the MOU feature.
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    Thank you for the info. This is more of the type of info. I have been searching for. I may have not been as concise as needed in my questions. Thanks again

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