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    I downloaded pdaNET version 3.2 and installed it in my laptop and treo 650.
    I have a SprintPCS vision plan.

    I tried various configurations. But every time I connect I get errors.

    Is there any one who has Sprint PCS treo with Vision and has successfully connected their laptop to the net via treo?

    Please send me instruction to configure pdaNET or please suggest any other way to connect.

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    In general you don't want to configure anything. I would uninstall everything and start over. When you launch it, it just works- no setup! Let PDAnet choose the settings.
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    I reinstalled pdaNet and tried to connect again. Below is the log of what happened. I checked my network preferences and I saw that there is a user name and password specified. also there are static IP specified for HA. How does pdaNet knoe about this. Is there any user who has Srpint treo 650 and is browsing from laptop using pdaNet.


    Opening USB Port...
    Connecting to Data Network...
    Verifying User Name and Password...
    Dialup failed, error=720 (state=18)!
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    I have a 650 and use it to get my laptop on the internet with PDAnet everyday. Sorry you are having troubles. Have you tried to email the develper? I know he is very responsive.
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    Do you have a sprint pcs vision plan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkie
    Do you have a sprint pcs vision plan?
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    My colleague has a Treo 600 Sprint phone. We tried to install and connect and It gave the exact same error that I got for my Treo 650 Sprint phone.

    I read somewhere that sprint has disabled the modem service. Should I try the hacks that enable the DUNs on my phone. Has any one tried it?
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    Ok I found the proble. Office laptop has windows 2000.

    When I tried with my Windows XP laptop it works.

    Is there a way to make pdanet work for windows 2000?
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    upgrade win 2000 to win xp?
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    in order to get pdanet to work with laptop, what do u need installed on your PC? do u have to have palm desktop? how does it work exactly... i remember with my VM4500 sanyo, i just connected the cable to the laptop and dialed #777 on dial-up connection in winxp.
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