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    Does anyone know of any Treo Deals if you already have existing service?
    I do qualify for the 150.00. Is there any one doing a better deal, or should I just bite the bullet?
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    I was on Sprint and got the 650 from their store.

    $150 is instant if you're moving to Sprint.

    If you've been on Sprint for 18 months you have to send in the rebate and wait x amount of time for the check. I bought mine in Feb and the check came last week
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    Well that is certainly disappointing. I'm not there yet, but I figured after 18 months it would be an instant deduction of $150 from your phone. Great, I'm looking forward to this deal. Ugh, I really hate rebates.
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    Hmm, bought my Treo 650 on December 22 in the Sprint store. I had service long enough to qualify for the 18 month instant rebate, but the criteria isn't 18 months of service. It is 18 months since the last UPGRADE of your phone to qualify for the instant $150.00 off.

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