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    Ever called Sprint and been hasseled to buy something or add a service to your account? Don't kill the messenger... Sprint reps are forced to offer... if their offer rate isn't what it should be and they don't sell enough they could be fired...i've seen it. they got the axe hanging over their heads and it results in bad customer service because of Reps fraudulantly adding things to peoples accounts to keep their jobs. Sad but true.
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    I've had them pressure me, but I just say "no" before they finish their sentence, and they tend to not do it again.
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    Yet another reason to avoid Sprint customer service.

    The whole "quota" thing is pretty messed up. When your support reps have to play the role of salesman "or else" its just not a good sign.

    Maybe I'll get a recording of David Spade saying "NO" in one of those Capital One commercials and play it next time I call .

    More and more companies are starting to do it though. It's like you have to be on guard for a sales pitch all the time.
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    I've only used the folks they have at their stores. Never had an issue with any of them. Except for a couple that looked like they'd rather not be in the workforce in general, most were pretty helpful individuals.
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    From experience in teleservices, I can tell you that many companies require their customer service reps to "push" add-ons. There are indeed quotas, but many companies base promotions, bonuses and raises off of performance & quotas. Very few companies term over low add-on sales. Your call time and your hold time are also key factors utilized in assessing a department's performance and an individual's performance within that department.

    Quotas suck, and some reps will unscrupulously add things to meet theirs. Even if the customer "returns" the product/service, it still counts as a sale for the rep. And there are some folks who do not scrutinize their bill. They'll just continue paying for a service they never ordered.

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