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    I have a locked Treo 600 and would like to unlock it for use in India. I have followed a few discussion threads posted in 2004 for switching Sprint phones to Verizon. Can the same steps be used.
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    Verizon does not lock their phones.

    Sprint does.
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    In preferences, when I click on network., it says locked. and on clicking modify..message appears "this network service has been pre-installed by your mobile serviceprovider and cannot be edited"...
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    Odd. I just did the same thing on my Treo 600 (Verizon) and get no such message. I am able to modify as I choose. If it ever asks for a security code, Verizon's default is 000000 (six zeros).

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    Tx ..Steve. Will need to crack this one

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