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    Both sites list the 650 for 319 after rebates for sprint. My question is part of the 14 day return policy. If the phone is horrible and I want to return it, would I be able to return it to sprint or do I have to go through the retail store I purchased it through? Also, the same question but if the phone has other problems or support issues? Will sprint look down upon them since it wasn't purchased through their store?

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    Walk into a brick and mortar "all carriers" store for these reasons:

    1. With carrier competion on site, pricing at these stores is the most aggressive. My treo was $25 less than any on line offer have seen to date.

    2. Get fulll discounts with only 1 year contractual committment.

    3. No worries about where to return to.

    4. When ya have a problem, you have the option of staying in the CSR's face until its solved.

    5. No waiting to play w/ your new toy.

    Only downside, tax can be few $ more than shipping.

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