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    I tried to do the 1.08 update, hard reset my phone over 20m avaliable and it runs the update reboots and say's there is not enough room????

    I have tried several times??? New user on Palm OS and eveything..

    Any ideas..
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    I'm pretty sure it tells you NOT to do a hard reset before installing the update. I don't know what to tell you, but I hope you get it working.
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    I fixed it. Palm SUCKS The installer does not work on OS X properly, I went and updated it on my pc and it worked. but my Palm Jabra, nor my Plantronics 3500, nor my Motorola hs810 or hs850 works any better. This phone is a joke. I spend $600.00 on this stupid thing... Oh what a joke....
    2 weeks 5 headsets and they all suck.. I give up..... I guesss.

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