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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    be careful about copyrights...
    Agreed on that, just post a link with the title source or copied from and you should be good I think, but def. do not want to get hit from anyone for Copyright fringe
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    In this case even having the link would not be good enough. That is the entire (Dow Jones Newswires) article I linked in my first post for which a paid subscription is required.

    They never make their stories freely available to the public, so making a full copy on a message board is not allowed. The fee to republish one of their articles usually is well over $1000 and they have all that information on their site.
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    I just check and the cost to reprint that story anywhere for even 1 month is $420.00. The fee for 1 year is $1,320.00.
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    jeeze, mods might want to take it out
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