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    Every month or two, when I try to wireless sync, I get a message that, for example, "inbox exceeds the maximum size of 50,000k by (some amount) Remove some data to continue" the result of which is that no new messages get added to my treo 600 inbox.

    The last time, I moved all me inbox messages to "filed" and then it worked the next time I synced.

    Now I'm getting "sent items exceeds the maximun size of 45,000k by 2507k. Remove some data to continue"

    I can't even FIND a "sent items" folder on my treo (just Inbox, Outbox, deleted, drafts, and filed)

    I deleted information on my desktop pc from the "sent" folder a day ago, but the Treo still won't sync.

    Just tried again, and now it tells me that "inbox exceeds 50000k by 24,090. But when I go to the treo "inbox", it's empty!

    Besides the incredably slow time it often takes for an email to show up when sent FROM my treo, this problem is making the system almost useless, sinc I can never know when this problem will happen again.

    Anyone experienced anything similar? What is the message telling me: to delete emails from the Treo to make room, from the desktop, or what?

    As noted constantly here, no one at Verizon seems to be equipeed to handle questions about Wireless sync (anybody find a good source there?)

    Any help of course would be appreciated.
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    That message seems to show up when the server account is full of data, not the device. So you've got to go and clean up your data on the website ( You can see your "performance settings" under your account info. It shows how much data you have for each category like Inbox and how much total is allowed

    Also, for some confusing reason, the "Sent items" show up under "Filed" on the 600
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    Am having same problem with Alltel service...have only 5M available with NO third party software; sometimes can't even get on web. All email is purged but Treo 755P desktop "Info" shows 50,877k email (1,172 records). How do I delete this backup data?? thanks in advance, Sharon

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