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    I really didn't find a list of what is fixed and what is still needed in the posts and such (for the most part).

    I am trying to get a master data sheet/list of what was addressed from the ROM update and what is still needed..

    Here is what the update says it does

    *Overall voice quality improvements, including fix for voice "choppiness" some Sprint PCS customers experienced
    *Internal setting modification to allow correct access to Sprint Affiliate roaming partner networks (previously released as Sprint PCS Treo 650 Roaming Patch)
    *Non-Volatile File System improvements that optimize memory handling and free up more memory
    *TTY (also known as TDD or Text Telephone) optimizations and improvements
    *Optimizations for data calls
    *Includes VersaMail 3.0c which provides greater stability and improvements
    *Bluetooth Carkit drivers are now included in ROM (previously released as Carkit Update for Treo 650)

    Can anyone explain items like "optimizations for data calls"? What is this in normal trems? What did this address?

    What was done: that I can see
    1. Better managment of the NVFS.I went from 4.5M to 10.5 of free RAM.
    2. BT carkits drivers are on ROM, as well as roaming patch.
    3 Voice Quality (but I have not been able to confirm this yet on mine)
    4. Versamail improvents (what were they? Can someone list them?)

    Still needed: IMHO
    1.When you delete "sent" items in the SMS app, you loose data in the ChatSMS's. This was not the case in the Treo600. The Treo600 would leave the chats alone.
    2.The Treo600 would let you go to other SMS's once you had one open. With the 650 you have to close the one you are reading.
    3. Some folks say that there is still a sound issue, even though it has been improved, there are still issues with poor quailty calls.

    Please list other improvments that you see after the update that were not listed on the offical list from Palm.
    For example, is the system sound bug still there?
    With the 600, every ROM update addressed more then what it said it did. What was said was just the main points, but there were other minor things fixed too. For example, the issue with the huge delay before the 650 dials what not addressed according to the way I read the things that it does, however, my phone now dials faster. Still not as fast as the 600 or as I would like, but faster then before the update. This is an example of somehting that is address and it not noted.

    What did other Sprint users see that was done and what is needed to be done still?
    Please keep the flames and beefs to a minimum, there are plenty of posts about those. This is ment to be a post to draw data/info from on what is fixed from this update and what is still needed to be addressed.Please keep this constructive
    Thanks for your time, Matt
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    I have noticed increased volume on both the speakerphone and earpiece.
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    My Scala works at a larger range than it did before and I no longer need BTMute. I think it was a great update. However, I actually think my phone is taking longer to make calls....
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    Great input y'all, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I read somewhere that the Enable Network Time bug is still there.

    Has anyone noticed any version upgrades, like Notepad, Camera and such for example?
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    I have noticed that access to my SD card has improved...before there was a large dely in accessing it, now it is almost instantaneous.
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    Update went smooth, but a friend said my voice sounded low. Maybe it was on their end? Anyone else had a similar complaint after the update?
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    i am having trouble getting the update to work. i followed the directions. my device resets over and over and over. any ideas?
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    i am having trouble getting the update to work. i followed the directions. my device resets over and over and over. any ideas?
    Sorry, wrong thread. Try this one. Good luck
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    So far I have had good experiences with the update. I think the speakerphone and external volume might be one of the better improvements...I don't hear as much overmodulation that causes the speaker to make cracking sounds as it did before the upgrade. One yet to be determined concern is with the browser. While at least attempting to browse once, my treo just turned off...not a soft just turned off. After turning it on and going through this routine a couple of times it worked fine...That hasn't happened since. But in general I am very happy with the upgrade...Also my versamail hasn't caused any soft resets yet either (I now have Snapper mail too)....Nevertheless with the minor problems, the Treo is awesome!

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    did they put the arrows (next/prev) in the SMS app?
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    Did the update. I seem to be in a constant update mode. My treo is updating for the 3rd time today. (I had some problems because I tried to update without freeing up sufficient memory.) It was stupid, I know, but I thought I had enough. I'll let you know. I guess I could do a complete hard reset and start all over. Anyone else having this problem.
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    Fixed: The sound in videos captured with the Camcorder app is now clear. It used to be very clipped and distorted.

    Not Fixed: Pressing the single side button in Blazer still follows the first link on the page. Really annoying if you try to use that key to bring up another app (like McPhling).
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    Versamail crashing with 1.08 update...anyone else having this issue?

    I am using an Exchange Activesync account, I will be nuking it and starting from scratch to see if that helps.

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    Does anyone know what is meant by

    "Optimizations for data calls" ???

    I've been trying to figure that one out...
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    Vision access?

    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    Does anyone know what is meant by

    "Optimizations for data calls" ???

    I've been trying to figure that one out...
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    Might try a speed test to see if you notice any significant difference. Definitely not a perfect test since network response varies so much from time to time. Can't think of another decent way to test it though. My guess is that any difference is not going to be perceptible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    Does anyone know what is meant by

    "Optimizations for data calls" ???

    I've been trying to figure that one out...
    I have noticed that my phone stays "connected" to vision in an idle state- like the 600 used to. I was getting really annoyed that any time I checked email or went to the web it had to connect to vision- much better now IMHO!
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    Still cannot assign our voice recordings as customized ring tones for specific folks in our speed dial list. It allows you to select the voice clip, but when that person calls all you hear is the MIDI that has been set as the "default."

    PalmOne's instructions say this should work, but it didn't before and it still doesn't now.
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    Posted in another thread, but I'll repost here with the hope that PalmOne reads this stuff:

    1. I got 6 MB of memory back.
    2. "Speed dials" now take 2 seconds, not 5-6
    3. Bluetooth volume & sound quality are better
    4. Roaming is fixed.

    What's still broken:
    1. My Acura's built-in bluetooth still regularly soft resets the Treo (actually, until I re-paired the Treo after the update, just being in the car put the Treo 650 into an infinite reset loop that didn't stop until I left the car).
    2. Bluetooth management is still poor - I can't tell my phone NOT to pair with the car, so I can't use my TomTom GPS while in the car (kinda sucks, doesn't it?)

    I hope we've got another CarKit update & Bluetooth manager update coming (if they actually try to fix these things).
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    1. The "Show Calender Event" in the Phone App bug is still there. This is a bug identified by Jeff Gibson: the calendar DB can get corrupted (not sure why this started happening, as it wasn't always this way) when this function is active such that Outlook sync does not work. I miss this useful feature.

    2. Random soft resets (##377 has shown that they were fatal exceptions in Launcher X and in the Phone app)--this did not happen to me prior to the update.
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