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    One thing I never see mentioned that was fixed: a bug in the camera application.

    If you turned the screen off while you were in camera mode and turned it back on (still in camera), the image would be green and funky. Works now, as does everything else. Weeeeeee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wink40
    Did the update. I seem to be in a constant update mode. My treo is updating for the 3rd time today. (I had some problems because I tried to update without freeing up sufficient memory.) It was stupid, I know, but I thought I had enough. I'll let you know. I guess I could do a complete hard reset and start all over. Anyone else having this problem.
    This is about what was changed and not changed. Sorry your having such a hard time. I would try it over again.
    Try looking here for that info too.
    Good luck
    Try the changer user name method that you will see in one of those posts.
    Regards, Matt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    did they put the arrows (next/prev) in the SMS app?
    Yea, that was what I was getting at, I don't see them. SO that was the way it was on the 600 then?
    THanks Felipe!
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    My Snapper mail moved old messages to the card at midnight lastnight as usual, but i woke up and my fone had rebooted and all my messages were gone. I restored from the card and i had the indexing of my messages back, but i dont know if its going to happen again tonight....
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    When dialing speed dials or out of the address book, it still takes WAY to long. On my 600 it dialed instantly. I have about a 3-5 second delay. For someone who used that feature as much as I do, it is a HUGE FLAW in the phone!!!!
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    Did you notice a slight improvment with the Firmware?
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    I haven't noticed any improvement in dialing delay. I can't quite figure out the pattern yet, but even before the rom update, it wasn't always that annoying 3-5 second delay - sometimes much shorter and almost at Treo600 speed.

    It's as if large chunks of data or app code is getting swapped in/out. Not likely given PalmOS isn't truly multi-tasking nor a virtual memory system, but that's what it "feels" like. My guess is that it's either NVFS related or the underlying hardware is having to make a major context change between the XScale running and the CDMA/GSM radio. If those two subsystems weren't designed to work in tandem with one another, having a noticeable delay wouldn't surprise me.

    It would (and does) annoy me however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankthetoad
    My Scala works at a larger range than it did before and I no longer need BTMute. I think it was a great update. However, I actually think my phone is taking longer to make calls....

    What color light doees your Scala have - blue or turqoise (sp?)?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    Sound quality is better but my bluetooth range has gotten so bad that I usually can't get more than a foot from the headset before it starts getting the equivalent of static.
    Personally I'm now wishing I could uninstall this update and go back to the old version.
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