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    1. Kyocera Wireless PST Chameleon Version
    2. BitPim
    3. Verizon PRL
    4. Future Dial USB2Serial Driver

    thats the list i see on

    i have #4 and the other 3 i dont know where to download

    the bitpim site has it available..can anyone just point me to what version i should download

    i read the original thread..and the link to PST is if anyone can pm or email really appreciate it

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    i was able to acquire the PST software from Shadowmites website (if this is the correct version, that mines uses)

    and i have verizon prl 50018
    and bitpim 0.62

    is that all correct?

    thanx again
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    I'm looking for the same software ( kyocera wireless pst chameleon ) can somebody help me please
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